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Here in Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty we are promising our prospective students the means and environments for graduating as productive, inquisitive, creative artists and designers who have a grasp of their history and acquire social responsibilities; and who are aware of the demands of their era and can make a difference with their future insights. We offer a contemporary and vigorous education with our programs encouraging independent and adaptable thinking, workshops strengthening creativity by productivity, opportunities for foreign studies on many Erasmus and bilateral agreements, numerous art and design activities, International Student Triennial, International Invited Poster Biennial and annual AIAS Prize of Honour/Prix D'honneur meetings.



Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts was first established as State School of Applied Fine Arts with the Council of Ministers’ decision in November 1st, 1955. In 1957 State School of Applied Fine Arts started to educate students in five departments; Decorative Painting, Graphic Arts, Ceramics, Textile Arts, Interior and Furniture Design. In July 20th, 1982, State School of Applied Fine Arts joined to Marmara University within the scope of the Law of Higher Education. The Faculty moved to Acıbadem Campus in 1986. Today Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts continues to educate students in twelve departments; Painting, Graphic Design, Ceramics - Glass, Textile Arts, Interior Design, Industrial Product Design, Sculpture, Traditional Turkish Arts, Film Design, Photography, Basic Art Training and Music. Institute of Fine arts was established in 1992 for graduate education in MA and Proficiency in Art programs.


Academic Staff:

Our faculty consists of respectable artists and designers of their fields with both national and international reputations. They represent our school, university and country on highest levels with national and international exhibitions, applied designs and awards. Our retired faculty members continue supporting our curriculum and institution. Our academic staff holds reciprocal conferences, seminars, workshops and courses with our cooperating international institutions on our bilateral agreements.


Graduates and Fields of Work:

Our graduates are highly active artists and designers working in areas such as art galleries, museums, filmmaking, advertisement productions, construction sector, household appliances and furniture design, textile industry, fashion, communication and other creative media sectors and they are recognized on both national and international levels. This recognition is verified many times by national and international awards granted on our students and graduates.


International Relations:

Our school holds Erasmus agreements with fifty-two institutions around Europe. As a part this exchange program every year approximately 40 of our students gain the opportunity to receive education abroad for one or two semesters. In addition to this, we collaborate with sixteen schools around the world within International Association of Independent Art and Design Schools (AIAS). Besides Erasmus and AIAS agreements, our faculty organizes activities like summer schools, workshops, seminars and conferences in collaboration with various Institutions from U.S.A., Japan and European countries.



Our Faculty organized numerous national and international activities. The only International Student Triennial in the world keeps gathering national and international art and design students and institutions since 1997. The Triennial gives important clues about the future of art and design education in the world with exhibitions, symposiums, workshops and film screenings by taking on a mission for correlating education systems, creating sharing environments based on co-production, connecting different cultures. Triennial, at the same time, enables the young people from international art and design environments form an intense communication and interaction network. The first Triennial took place in 1997 and followed by the ones in 2000, 2003, 2006, 2010, 2013 and 2017. The 7th International Student Triennial, which was held in 2017 with the title 'Temporality-Differences' and Beyond, aims at gathering students, lecturers, schools, education systems and cultures and synthesizing these various viewpoints to make contributions for art and design education. Another first-ever activity which took place in 2010 is “International Invited Poster Biennial”. The works of 71 leading artists and designers from Turkey and 23 other countries were exhibited in Cumhuriyet Museum. The second International Invited Poster Biennial was held in October 2012.

The student whose diploma project is the most successful among the Faculty attends AIAS Prize of Honour/Prix D'honeur competition, while our faculty members attend the Symposium of the same event. Our faculty organizes international workshops, symposiums and exhibitions with 52 foreign Institutions with which we have bilateral or Erasmus agreements.


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