Brief History

Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts was first established as State School of Applied Fine Arts with the Council of Ministers’ decision in November 1st, 1955. In 1956, Prof. Dr. Adolf Schneck was assigned as a consultant to improve the education program and to determine teaching staff. In 1957 State School of Applied Fine Arts started to educate students in five departments; Decorative Painting, Graphic Arts, Ceramics, Textile Arts, Interior and Furniture Design. In 1962, education program is revised and it became a four-year undergraduate school. The institution, which was founded on the educational approach of Bauhaus school, aimed at educating individuals willing to explore, innovate, create and apply. To reach this aim, education programs were revised and renewed constantly. In July 20th, 1982, State School of Applied Fine Arts joined to Marmara University within the scope of the Law of Higher Education. The Faculty moved to Acıbadem Campus in 1986. Today Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts continues to educate students in twelve departments; Painting, Graphic Design, Ceramics - Glass, Textile Arts, Interior Design, Industrial Product Design, Sculpture, Traditional Turkish Arts, Film Design, Photography, Basic Art Training and Music. Institute of Fine arts was established in 1992 for graduate education in MA and Proficiency in Art programs.

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