Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty of Fine Arts

Dean’s Message

Artists and designers are always known to be genuine, creative, flexible and perceptive individuals
as well as analytical, rational and courageous thinkers who produce diversity and raise awareness.
Times we are living through force producers of art and design to create a variety of meanings and
take many responsibilities; all influential advancements in technological, economical, social and
cultural contexts strongly feature visuality in communications. As in the past, artists and designers
still carry the social responsibility of being representatives of contemporary, innovative and
independent thinking. Along with this duty they are also obligated to challenge the fast consumption,
visual and environmental pollution and meaning loss, caused by high pace of our age, and offer
solutions to these problems. Being fully aware of these situations, Marmara University Fine Arts
Faculty has always endeavored towards being a leading institution for educating highly responsible
artists and problem solver designers who have a grasp of their history, acquire the awareness of their

Our school, which was established as State School of Applied Fine Arts in 1957 and commenced
education in five departments, became Faculty of Fine Arts in 1983 and now educates students in
12 departments. As well as undergraduate program, we strengthen creativity with theoretical and
research based studies within graduate programs in Institute of Fine Arts. Our school continues
to hold many activities such as exhibitions, seminars, conferences and also contributes to student
and faculty exchanges as a member of Erasmus Program, AIAS (Association of Independent Art and
Design Schools) and other exchange programs on agreement with more than a hundred institutions.

Drawing its power from the creative, inquisitive and participatory spirit of its students, our school
is leading the arts and design education with experienced faculty members and also developing
creative projects intended for future.

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